Podcast in the Works

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, All!

I went ahead and ordered a decent microphone today, in the hopes that I may use it to continue making videos on YouTube, as well as to start a podcast. I had a YouTube channel previously, so I’ve updated that to “VideoGameSlinger.” I’ll leave the videos up there, and I will continue to do the ASMR thing that is in some of the videos–I have a lot of gaming magazines, after all! However, I will also use it as a central hub for everything related to this blog, as well.

Anyhow, the big news is the podcast! I love to write about all things gaming, and I figure a podcast would be a way to do that. The podcast doesn’t need to be all that long, and that forum also allows for some deviation from the standard “set in stone” aesthetic of the reviews and such that I create. What I mean by that is, from time to time, it will be nice to just roll with it or just shoot the shit with some folks online or what-have-you. Doesn’t need to be structured to be a podcast, after all!

What will the name be, you ask? “Minutes with GameSlinger?” “This Gamer Life?” “Dirty Games?”

Nah, it will probably just be: “GameSlinger’s Humble Abode.”

Yeah, that works.

Essentially, I want to have a good time with what I’m doing as well as provide some entertainment, so hopefully this will help everyone involved meet in the middle.

Finally, I’ve decided to bring some of the other projects I manage together onto this blog–this is my home now, after all, so I might as well make good use of it! Anyhow, more information will come along as I figure out what’s what, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The podcast is here! Visit this page to access a listing of all the episodes.

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