Welcome to My Humble Abode (Hellhole)

First and foremost, that sexy image up there, all big and stuff? Yeah, that’s Red Dead Redemption 2. It needs no introduction, but I still introduced it because if you happen to be one of the 3.2 people on Earth that don’t know about it, well you need to. So there’s a nice big juicy teaser for you, free of charge (bill’s in the mail).

Me? Well, you can call me pretty much anything, but I have a few different pseudonyms: Gun, Gunslinger, Requiem, Req, Writer Dude, and the newly-penned GameSlinger. Why so many names? *shrug* Cause.

If you couldn’t tell, I have an interesting sense of humor–which is a nice way of saying that it’s fucking horrible. Like really, really bad. But I get a kick out of it. I don’t take many things seriously, but one thing I do take seriously is video games. I’ve been playing them since the old NES days, and I’ve been in love ever since. I’m not new to this whole writing gig either, I should say–I worked for over two years for an online gaming magazine doing previews and reviews (http://www.gamingexcellence.com//) and I wrote short stories for my college magazine to help get scholarships to pay my way through school. It was cool that they did that–I may even post some of them on here sometime.

Anyway, enough about me. I’m here to do some key things, and I hope you enjoy your time here, one way or another. I’m going to post reviews (possibly even video reviews at some point–I have the technology, just too lazy to use it at current time), post opinions about new gaming products or whatever tickles my fancy, post strategies (I’m a huge RPG nerd, and I love finding ways to break games) and maybe even post some of my writing down the road, if you people like it (you won’t).

I expect to post once a week, bare minimum, and I am going to post reviews of both older games and newer games that are just coming out. I have hundreds of PS4 and PC games, and I’m always keeping up-to-date with the latest releases.

That’s about it for now, but I do want you to know that despite my odd sense of humor, I give a shit about what you think. Leave comments and suggestions, feel free to contact me using either the form on the “Contact Me” page or just shoot me an email at writerdude@videogameslinger.com, or just chase me down in the street and tell me things (if you can find me, that is). Simply put, I’m just one person spouting nonsense–you’re the editors that help it make sense.

Thanks for being here.

Also, Red Dead Redemption 2. ‘Nuff said.

*drops mic*

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